My Story

When I was younger, I could have never predicted that my love for tinkering with technology would lead me to where I am today.

I vividly remember spending summers at Computex with my older cousins who were obsessed with building their own computers. Though I was scared of touching the components back then, I absorbed everything and watched in awe as they assembled each build with care for the sole purpose of playing games (this did not spark joy with the parents).

Before long, I was building my own PCs and venturing into the internet unchecked. Online chat rooms like IRC and MUD servers, where I could spend hours typing away in text based windows, became a place where I could connect with others in real time. It was endlessly fun and engaging. Little did I know that these experiences would shape my future in a significant way.

After graduation I navigated my way through various roles across a spectrum of companies, ranging from early stage startups to global enterprises. Working in both client and consulting/agency side gave me a broad perspective of how different businesses operate and compete in their respective markets.

In hindsight, I found myself gravitating towards product management with each role. I just couldn't help but be curious about how things were made. It was like a puzzle I had to solve. But the more I delved, the more I realized that understanding the "why" was where my passion lay.

My personal journey has taught me to look beyond the surface and dig deeper to understand the motivations and reasons behind the things we create. I believe that placing the needs and wants of the user at the forefront of product management helps us create products that are truly useful and keeps people coming back for more.